Cool Components 

Quality components for refrigeration, cooling and heat recovery


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Air heat exchangers for :

  • Refrigeration

  • Industrial refrigeration

  • HVAC,

  • Data centres,
    Process cooling

  • Power plants, nuclear, ...

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Cool Partners

Non condensable gasses increase the condensing pressure, water in the refrigeration plant increases needed swept volume of the compressors.
We eliminate both.

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Holger Andreasen

Bespoke shell and tube heat exchangers by design, choice of materials, ....
and of course the famous spraychiller !

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European reference when it comes to oil coolers for refrigeration compressors or other machinery. 
Specific heat exchangers for heat recovery, preparing of hot water, ...

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Open or semi-hermetic, single-stage or compound twin-screw compressors for natural fluids.

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Compresseurs bi-vis ouverts et semi-hermétiques, mono-étagés ou compounds, pour les fluides naturels.

Call on our expertise and products


We commercialise components manufactured by first rank partners with proven track reccord of quality.


Our products will help you to reduce the operation cost of your installations : energy optimisation, heat recovery, reliability, optimisation of your process, ...


We certainly have the product that you need, otherwise we will create it together. Thanks to the expertise of our team we can advise you for the best choice matching your specific needs.